My graduation project is about my search for my holy grail. Everbody has his own kind of holy grail. It’s your highest goal in life, your personal achievement. As a graphic designer you will always try to find that holy grail. That most wanted assignment, that perfect execution…

I got inspired by a book from a French poet, named Chretien de Troyes. It’s from the 12th century and it’s the first story ever written about the holy grail.
‘Perceval’, is about a lad who wants to become a knight. His story is everybodies story. We all want to be a knight in our own way.

With this given I wanted to expierence my own search. I placed
all kinds of wood and with different kind of threads I showed my route. Quotes from the novel represent the different stages
you’re in.

Beginning with the fool that wants to be a knight, just like we want to be graphic designers. The wood represents the growth. You learn, you meet people, you experience, you doubt… and finally you think you’ve found your holy grail.

But you’ll never find it. You’ll keep looking for more, for your next challenge, for your next ‘holy grail’…