The Global Employee Engagement Index™ was created to provide insights into the worldwide labour market, and enables global HR-professionals to perform more efficiently and effectively.

This extensive database of benchmarks was created using the results of the international employee surveys that have been conducted. Seventeen different themes of work perception have been researched. Respondents were asked to assess their work, working conditions, colleagues, managers, remuneration, development possibilities, and more on a 10-point scale, 10 being the most positive.

The challenge was to make the site interactive but visually strong. What was important in creating these infograhpics, was understanding the data. The Global Index number is always the ‘key’ number. The results are always compared with the Global Index.

You can select the region of your interest and compare the countries and continents on different themes. It’s also possible to create a factsheet where you can benchmark two countries or continents on all themes.

Created @ United135, 2012