For the annual report of the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP), we decided to let the employees (the pharmacists) participate into the design. We send out 10 Lomography camera’s to different countries, in different continents. We’ve instructed them with a short briefing; show us on camera, how you work, where you work, with who you work etc.

The results where amazing. Beautiful and inspiring footage came out, from all over the world.

The theme of the annual report was ‘Change’. Inspired by the Delta symbol ‘∆’, which stands for ‘change’, we used this shape for the design of the report in a very sublte way.
The cover was done with a spot uv on white, to visualize the ‘delta’ symbol.

In the end we decided to make 3 editions of the report;
– the regular one
– one where we used 3 different photos as a poster, used as a cover
– a very limited edition, where the poster is turned backwards and we used the original slides as a ribbon around the report

After that year, they went online with their annual reports:

Created @ United135, 2009-2011