dare to wander.

Designing and branding your own ‘name’ seemed almost impossible. As a freelancer you miss the benefits of colleagues next to you that can judge and criticize your work.

Sitting down in a coffee bar in Barcelona, writing about myself. Who I am, what I do, what I love. How do I feel about design, what do I want to communicate?

“Many times, design is a challenge; often a search; sometimes a fight. Most constantly, design is a journey, an exploration full of encounters. There is room for fear, for doubt, but above all for happiness, inspiration and creativity. It takes courage and risk to move forward. Curiosity is the spark to keep improving ~ it allows us to (re)discover and challenge ourselves. This curiosity feeds from individuals; objects; sceneries that open the door to new energy, inspiration, synergy and growth. Sometimes you have to sail away from your safe harbour and explore, dream, wander.  The result is a new start, a new journey.”

‘dare to wander’

Designing and wandering is never straight. The waved line is the symbol that represents this.
I’ve developed a pattern containing different kind of lines and colors. With this I created my corporate identity. I’ve developed 20 different business cards, all with a different background.