dare to wander

Designing and branding your own ‘name’ seemed almost impossible. As a freelancer you miss the benefits of colleagues next to you that can judge and criticize your work.

At first I had a different name in mind, that just didn’t feel right. After some nice critics from a good design-friend, I decided to start over.

I sat down in a nice coffee bar in Barcelona and wrote about myself. Who I am, what I do, what I love. How do I feel about designing. And most important, what do I want to tell?

The result of that reflexion you can read in my ‘about’ page. That way I came up with the name ‘dare to wander’.

Designing and wandering is never straight. The waved line is the symbol that represents this. I’ve developed a pattern containing different kind of lines and colors. With this I created my corporate identity.

I’ve developed 20 different business cards, all with a different background.