swab art fair

Sometimes Facebook is the best way to find out about cool events. That’s how I found out about the Swab Art Fair in Barcelona.

Swab is an unique Contemporary Art Fair that offers for both targets, visitors and final buyers, an interesting vision. Their main goal is to break the elitist and hermetic idea that often surrounds the contemporary art scene, and make it more accessible to the general public. At the same point it wants to support the young galleries, create opportunities and initiate new art collectors.

It didn’t take long for me to walk around with a big smile. What an amazing exhibition, with such great different works. From illustration to photography, from graphic design to graffiti, from live infographics to sculpturing. Loved every bit of it.

The galleries participating represent the work and interest of the artist. If you are interest in buying art, you have the chance to receive more information on the spot. But if you are just there to visit, it’s a memorable ride as well.
Although many times I found myself searching for the ‘price-tag’, hoping it would fit my budget,
I enjoyed being a visitor even more. Immediately I felt the urge to to start creating things as well, work more with my hands, less with the computer.

On the last day of the fair you could tell on the amount of red dotted stickers that Swab was a success for many artists/galleries. And although I wasn’t responsible for one of those stickers,
I would like to thank Swab and all their creative talents that participated. It was truly a discovery!

Check out their website, for more information: http://swab.es/

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